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April 13, 2017

Version 2b of lenne.nu is here. FFXIV is life.

April 9, 2017

Made a brand new site that I'm fairly happy with—even if I don't quite know what it really is.

April 6, 2017

Uploaded version 2 of Lenne tribute with a new name. Happy 10-year anniversary.

lenne.nu is 100% link-free. Please let me know if you manage a domain similar to mine and would like to exchange links.

Dearly beloved

I used to think that MMORPGs will never find a place in my life. Well, never say never. In celebration of Final Fantasy XIV's newest expansion Stormblood, lenne.nu was redesigned in spring 2017 to feature the beautiful Lakshmi. Can't wait to meet her in the game soon.

Technical stuff

lenne.nu was developed in Mac OS X environment and reviewed on Retina Display. It has been tested in the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is optimized for desktop viewing, though you should also be able to browse through it on tablet devices in landscape orientation.

Background image is credited to Final Fantasy XIV Official. Animated effects are powered by CSS3 and jQuery. All content, scripts and UI design belong to me unless otherwise stated. © 2013-2017.

lenne.nu was purchased in 2011 but didn't launch until late 2013. Life has been busy. It serves as my creative outlet where I can pixel push without having to geek over UX/UI best practices, as well as fulfilling occasional needs to tl;dr over pretty fictional characters and the like. You know the drill.

The namesake

lenne.nu is named after a beautiful songstress from Final Fantasy X-2. That game was pretty neat in HD.

Lenne Anthology

Giving a second name to one's personal domain used to be common practice among fansite makers, or perhaps still is. I chose Anthology because my creations are focused on retelling stories from the eye of a fan. And the word sounds nice. (Guess which one is the more important reason)