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lenne anthology

For general inquiries:  info @ lenne.nu

I tend to be a little slow at replying to emails these days. Try find me at Twitter if all else fails.

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lenne.nu is 100% link-free. Please let me know if you run a domain similar to mine and would like to exchange links.

Dearly beloved

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To me and friends in close circles, 2014 was a year of FFXV hype. Version 2 of lenne.nu was designed as a tribute to said fact among a bunch of other things, featuring the lovely Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Beauty tends to pick up more curiosity than it can afford, and one cannot wait to see what awaits in store for the supposed heroine of a story that remained untold for a decade.

The name of the design, Lune, means moon en fran├žais. Just thought I'd mention it for amusement.

Technical info

lenne.nu was developed in Mac OS X environment and reviewed on Retina Display. It has been tested in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is optimized for desktop viewing, though you should also be able to browse through it on tablet devices in landscape orientation.

Background image credit goes to Famitsu. Animation effects are powered by CSS3 and jQuery. Content, script and UI design are copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated. © 2013-2017.

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lenne.nu was purchased in 2011 as a fansite collective, though its official launch didn't happen until late 2013. Life has been busy. Currently it serves as my creative outlet of sorts where I can pixel push without having to geek over UX/UI best practices and all that jazz. (Easy hint to what I do for a living, no?)

Then there's also that dire need to tl;dr over topics like pretty video game characters and Japanese subcultures. You get the drill.

The namesake

lenne.nu is named after a beautiful songstress from Final Fantasy X-2. By the way, that game has been amazing in HD.

Re: lenne anthology

It used to be common practice among fansite owners that assigning a code name to one's site collective = cool. Since most of my creations are focused on retelling stories from the eye of a fan, the word Anthology was chosen.

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